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Shook Ankles: Will Michael Redd Ever Be The Same?

Out of the following players, who had the highest salary this season: LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, or Michael Redd? Chances are you guessed Redd since he’s the list’s odd man out, but how does this happen? Obviously injuries were a huge factor, but how good was he before they occurred? And can he get back to the level he was once at? A little over a month ago, Redd was quoted showing some serious confidence.

“I want to be better,” Redd said before quickly correcting himself. “I’m going to be better. It’s not a question of will I get there, but a matter of when. I’m going to be at that level again, it’s just a matter of working hard again. I believe in myself. There’s a great quote: ‘You never live at the mountaintop, you only visit.’ If you only visit the mountaintop, you also visit the valley. I’ve been in the valley the last couple of years, but I’m still focused and I’m still hungry. I’ll be back.”

Redd’s days of averaging 25 points per game are over. With a three-point shot that’s statistically been on the decline since 2006 he’s currently a free agent facing an interesting situation. If he doesn’t return to Milwaukee, Redd could serve as a spot up shooter off the bench in Miami or Oklahoma City, but I don’t see that happening unless he can supplant James Harden or Mike Miller/James Jones. His future in the league is one of the least talked about situations because it’s so unpredictable. He could either be washed up (as he looked finishing up the season this year) or on the verge of a major comeback. He has the talent in that beautiful southpaw cannon to put a team over the edge, but he can’t be the main piece. Regarding this crossover, the move doesn’t look exceedingly filthy but being that it’s on Gerald Wallace you better recognize. Redd’s one of the league’s better people; the type of player you simply can’t root against. Wherever he ends up I can only wish him the most success.

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