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Essay: The Resurgent Rodney Stuckey

February 23, 2012 1 comment


In last Sunday’s dismantling of the Boston Celtics, Rodney Stuckey’s stat line didn’t come close to emphasizing just how unstoppable he was. In 37 minutes Stuckey took 10 shots. He made two of them. As Detroit’s starting shooting guard, Stuckey missed his only three-point attempt, had twice as many turnovers as assists, and, for good measure, grabbed three rebounds. But even though he shot a woeful 20% from the floor, Stuckey was like a bull with blinders on. Throughout the night his mission was getting to the basket and he did so at a relentless pace, attempting 15 free-throws and making 12 of them. (For reference, the Boston Celtics made 11 free-throws on the same number of attempts.) He finished with 16 points, second to Greg Monroe’s 17 for a team high.

It was the type of performance a superstar might have on an off night. One that opened various opportunities for teammates and dictated the entire game’s pace, flow, and, ultimately, final score. But of course this wasn’t the performance of a superstar. This was Rodney Stuckey; a guard who’s had brief flashes of dynamic brilliance overshadowed by noticeable flaws. Games like this one (where nothing appears to be going right but before you know it everything does) were above his pay grade, but this season they seem to be popping up all over the place. What’s changed? Read more…

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Shook Ankles: What Goes Around Comes Around

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Two things to take away:

1) After the vicious fall Stuckey delivers to Iverson, this move seems to be a solid combination of ankle breaker and hip bruiser.

2) The Detroit Pistons’ play-by-play man should be fired.


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