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Recommended Reading: Where Mike Miller Flunks Everything

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment


1) Yesterday’s nationally televised game between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat was as important and meaningful as a pre-All-Star break regular season game can be. Both sides played edgy, physical basketball; emotions were left dangling from sleeves as retaliations were doled out and, to dare the risk of sounding cliche, the game boasted serious playoff intensity. At NBA Playbook, —a final shot attempt by Mike Miller that would’ve sent the game into overtime.  While in this link the play design by Spoelstra is praised, I respectfully disagree. Miller, a player who was signed by Miami for his abilities to stretch the floor, had a straightaway three-pointer, wide open, not a hand in his face (thanks to Dwyane Wade).  But Mike Miller hasn’t been that guy, yet.  Before that play, he’d converted one three-pointer and was in the books for five total points. He’s been more of a rebounder than anything else and is shooting a career worst from the field since returning from injury. Also, he reportedly was shaking off concussion-like symptoms Sunday morning. Frankly, the play was well designed, but the pieces were out of place in who needed to take the shot.

2) Right now it’s an unseasonably warm 51 degrees on Valentine’s Day. But even if the weather outside wasn’t jacked up from Greenhouse gases and man made climate control, Caron Butler gives the world a little bit of dating advice to spice things up. If player polls were taken to decide everybody in the league’s favorite movie, Father of the Bride would officially be on the ballot.

3) After a semi-shocking loss to Golden State last night, the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook takes his share of the blame for the loss, citing his penchant to turn the ball over. Westbrook is beloved for his athleticism and fearlessness, but he has a looooong way to go before his name should be mentioned among the league’s prime floor generals. I wonder if Oklahoma City has already had inner talks about pulling a Rodney Stuckey and playing Russell off the ball a little more. Right now they don’t have the personnel to do something like this off, but down the road who knows.

4) Two very funny clips from yesterday’s Heat-Celtics game. Here and Here.

5) A little love for Serge Ibaka—aka the Pittsburgh Pirates of this year’s Dunk Contest.  The juicy stuff doesn’t come until No. 4.


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